Congratulations on finding your perfect match! With wedding bells in the air, it’s now time to plan your “I do’s” and this can be a very intimidating process. But you can relax, you are in capable hands.

Eden Lassie has been a wedding venue for over 18 years, and I have been creating beautiful weddings for over 8 years, in every style you can imagine and to any budget. I love working with every bride and have learnt many do’s and don’ts along the way – things that a first-time bride and groom may not even think of!  I am here to help, so take a deep breath and enjoy the process. YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED SO LET’S GET EXCITED!!

But before I pass on some information let me tell you a little about myself. I am a farm girl through and through and a lover of the great outdoors. I am a qualified horticulturalist and with the help of my loving husband we run our other business, a wholesale nursery and landscaping business. So, flowers and design are my game and I love the opportunity to be creative. Each wedding gives me a blank canvas and if my brides are relaxed and allow me some creativity, I am in my element!

You may be thinking you would love to do your own wedding décor and that is a fine idea but just take a moment and think of the time management in the last few days and the huge amount of pressure on you as a couple. Now you want to add the pressure of décor…. Handling your own décor may in fact cost you more, you may purchase bit by bit, but over time the total will accumulate, especially with the fuel price as it is now. I can buy wholesale while you will have to buy retail priced flowers. Arranging flowers especially in our hot environment, can be stressful, even for professionals. So why stress when you can still be involved the whole way but without having to do the physical labour and in the final days instead of sweating trying to get you décor together, you can relax and have your hair and nails done and just enjoy the process of getting married. Marriage is something that will only happen once in your life! So let me help you with the hard work! You are also most welcome to bring your own personal touches to complete your special day.

I like to meet my bride and groom’s and their families and show you around the venue personally.

Then when you are ready, we can start planning the décor. This may involve pictures on WhatsApp and/ or another meeting. You can then choose to stick with a package or have me put together a quote for you. Either way your wedding will be bespoke! It’s your special day and there is no one quite like you! The quote will have pictures so you know exactly what you can expect and there will be a description should the décor be slightly different from the pictures.

Leading up to a wedding I like to put the finishing touches to planning your day in place 3 weeks before the date. This way I can leave you in peace to enjoy the spoils before your wedding day like hair and makeup and the family from afar!

On the day of the function, I will be available to make sure your cake, DJ and other service providers arrive on time (and don’t get lost). I will make sure the venue is perfect from top to bottom and that my staff are on hand to help guests park and that the ablutions stay neat and tidy.

I will welcome guests, and make them feel at home, and ensure the function runs smoothly and is well coordinated. Should we have load shedding, don’t worry we have a generator! I will ensure the switch over is smooth and chat with the MC and DJ to co-ordinate everything. The last thing you want is someone to be in mid speech when the lights go out!

I am happy to help the photographer with suitable photographic locations to help save time on the day.

We have selected our catering teams to ensure your food is of a very high quality. Guests will remember how good the food was and if they were hungry or not afterwards. Our catering services will ensure they are completely satisfied. They will also work with me throughout the function to make sure the venue is kept neat and tidy, and no dirty plates are left on the tables once a guest has finished eating.  We will then clear the tables so guests can relax and enjoy the entertainment.

Our guests can find accommodation on the farm next door. The rooms are beautifully appointed and comfortable. This accommodation is also great for the night before the wedding and the photographer can then easily move between the bride and groom without having to drive, this is a huge time saver and means you will be making the most of the photographer’s allotted hours. The other bonus is you as the couple are not responsible for filling all the rooms This can be hugely stressful. Gilly’s has beautiful gardens for pre-photos.

Our venue gardens are also a photographer’s dream with a wide array of backdrops from formal, brickwork, avenues, and tropical garden. You have no need to travel any further for your photo shoot. While you are busy with photos, your guests can relax and enjoy the gardens and the dam. The gardens boast a wide variety of birds.

The service provider list in the catalogue are providers who we are happy to recommend, and we know they produce a high-quality product. They have all been to our venue on numerous occasions.

With all that said its time to set a date to meet and view the venue! I would love to hold your hand through the entire process and help you make sure your wedding day is etched in your minds as a day the two of you will remember for the rest of your lives!